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Since 2003 , we provide solutions in automation of business processes for all types of organizations.

Some of awesome features of Turbina BPMS

Monitoring by timeline

Follow through a visual timeline the progress of business processes related to their solutions.

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Jozias Rolim, Data Scientist in iColabora
Through the use of the timeline, we can provide to our customers a greater empowerment of their processes's data.

Real time Dashboards

See the metrics related to business process change before your eyes through quick consultations with indexing technologies.

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Silvio Neto, CTO in iColabora
Through of indexing tecnologies of data, graphs and relational structures, we increases the speed of searchs and your data emerge in real time.

Users control

Manage easily the process participants and distribute their permissions into the graphs

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Danilo Vilar, Account Manager in iColabora
We aggregate value to structured organizations of companies we serve, for than, of easily way, respond the changes.